Thursday, July 12, 2007


Quite a late review, but still stands as the best summer blockbuster for 2007.
This is excellent! The sound and special effects are commendable. The most memorable scenes for me are Sam's dialogue with the Autobots, Starscream's dogfighting with the other planes and Bumblebee's moments as a singing car.

At first it seemed just like a normal purchase of a car, like Herbie Fully Loaded by Lindsay. But this quickly changed when the car was animated and hit people. There is a moving scene where Bumblebee is dragged away by the men. The secret police are so evil in this.

I didn't like Optimus Prime in the cartoon, but here, he was the hero beside the human boy. Gives a very justifiable speech for their mistake to let the Cube fall to Earth, and wants to sacrifice himself. There is a detailed history of the Transformers, for those who don't know about these action tanks. Visually supplemented to help viewers get a whole picture idea.

Children who are not afraid of sudden switch in gears can watch, action junkies, a must-see for Transf fans!