Saturday, April 6, 2013

Do not sacrifice The endangered and the Elves! Rescue them with me!

*from wizards of coast, no copyright infringement intended

From most of the novels I've read, from Forgotten Realms, or FR , Terry brooks' heartbreakingly heroic elves that sacrifice their lives
Drizzt, I'm happy he's still alive and kicking ass. First saw his comic Sojourn which remains my favourite volume! It's because I could understand/empathize with being alone, and leftout. How he tried to befriend those kids resulted in failure. And the moment when he saw Catti as a child! Sweet!

Cattix Drizzt from:

and  BELOVED Ilkar from Legends of the Raven-- No fair.  Humans Are the ones who are sinners, stealing artefacts, in the case of Elfsorrow the plot centred around how the immortality was changed by the gods Because they failed to protect against the external threat. Who? Humans. = = ack
I Don't accept deaths of heroes, even if they're supposed to be real life or wellmeant. Coz life is sour enough.

No more tears for me! Hence I wrote my first fanfiction: Saving Ilkar

and more adventures!

I first got hooked on them by Nuada ....
 While looking for more human-sized Flawed Elves (aka alver) to sate my appetite and gain more research...  below is german cover of Dawnthief.

I found this series convincing, emotional, heartbreaking. A UK author of which I first found some of his later volumes.  He can be quite cruel, but willing to accept what audience have pointed out. :) so I would say he's a nice guy.  On folly of mankind, 500 species in NZ became extinct, when people explored on some continents. :(( My main aim is Not to have needless sacrifice of the characters I care about! All the good elves deserve to live to their fullest and being happy. Unless their best friends/ wives have been slain as well, it's sadist to get them to commit suicide. :/ duh!  :D I really do believe they exist, the fae.

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Ilkarelvenmage! (and I am the only one with this name on JB's forum LOL :))