Monday, March 2, 2009

Nuada and Balor making scene from Hellboy 2

I'm a supporter of youtube! Since hellboy 2 came out on dvds, other than seeing that continuously, I also look out for making-the-scenes videos and bloopers. Prince Nuada is really my favorite character. He leads you to think: is he that evil? The elf prince is not motivated by money, but by the passion of regaining the earth from humans. Am making fanfiction about him:

Hellboy also has to make a choice- to fight for the humans who despise him, or quit the BPRD. Liz Sherman and him have a turning point. The great thing about this movie is that you can see it separately from the first installment and still know what is going on. I watched HB 1 and thought this is an upgrade! The director actually struggled through monetary difficulties in order to make it work.

I really look forward to a next Hellboy movie.

blogging tips

This website has tips on how to make passion work via blogging. Being a media student, I feel very interested. I read this book: Ted Demopoulos- What no one ever tells you about blogging and podcasting.

I think it is a practical guide for newbies on how to live in the blogosphere.