Monday, November 17, 2008

the other side of friendly dolphins

I watched a documentary about dolphins. They are not as docile as shown in the Flipper movie. In a certain camp where they organize swims with them, a lady was mauled by one of the dolphins. Upon investigation, they discovered that the dolphin had been abused by the rest of the school as it had many scars lacerating over its body. And the trainers were so stupid, they simply shouted at the swimmers to leave the pool. However, they did not help. What if the woman had died?

Another case showed that a man was attacked. He was its trainer! The marine biologist said that they have sexual urges that need to be satisfied.
Indeed nature is savage. We must not undermine and underestimate the power of beasts versus man. Dolphins have friendly natures, and are willing to help us, but behind that smile are they innocent? Research shows that their minds are actually more complex than ours and they have a strict hierarchy and pecking order.

So should dolphins and orcas be in captivity in the first place? I think not. They belong to nature and the oceans. How can humans tame them and make them do tricks in the aquarium. In fact this hinders their personal freedom and causes them frustration.

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