Saturday, October 6, 2007

Resident Evil : Apocalyse

Saw Resident Evil: Apocalyse. It was on channel 5 last night. I’m neutral towards this, but not that I hate it. Better than Ultraviolet, which was a bunch of hopeless and weak vampires from science!

Resident is about zombies and people wiping out zombies. To note: I was already confused as to who was the main character, so much chaos and people rushing out, either away from the zombies or towards them toting guns. Sometimes when you think someone will not die, you are mistaken. Don’t actually root for anyone, except the main character Alice. They will mostly die, ie this guard called Nikolai actually took out some zombie dogs but a few more attacked him fatally. Shit, I liked him.

Just a few bad guys and 3 of the good guys, and the scientist’s daughter survive to continue the next round. (scientist himself invented the virus that changed people into undead). In a film of zombies, unlike those raised by necromancy, this one involves experiments. The ubersoldat, the perfect super soldier, has been created. But he kills under orders. He slaughters humans who stand in his way, indiscriminately. But this soldier is actually part of a complicated ploy to destroy all mankind, in This town only. Imagine what will continue if it is the next towns too!

Alice did not mutate in such a deformed way. In her flashbacks, it seems like the ubersoldat was her boyfriend. The virus did not evolve so horribly on her, so she’s a crime-busting undead warrior with eerie calm. Wields knives, huge guns and things extremely skillfully. She’s a cool chic! Comes in at the right moments and has a soft spot for little girls.