Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Beowulf- complex

This was interesting to me, i am a fantasy addict. The trailer seemed very exciting.

But it turned out to be real longwinded and flashed from past to present. Confusing plot to handle, soemtimes Beowulf fights with the dragon, then he is a child, then a teenager. It does not do for people with little patience. If u prefer a beginning-to-end kind of plot, don't watch this. It would help if u read up from wiki,

Some people hated it that the dragon talked, just cut to the action already! I'm ok with this, i like philosophical thinking dragons, and they aren't the villains all the time! Sometimes they are good. PLus, you can see Jolie in a kind of nude form.

the golden compass

Philip Pullman wrote this story as part of the Dark Materials trilogy. I'm looking forward to seeing this!The controversy is, many people think it is promoting atheistic values. The church is using children for labor.

Mrs Coulter is acted by Nicole Kidman1 Yay, she's my fav actress, other than hugh jackman who's also from Australia. She hasn't acted a villain since Poison Ivy. Reprisal!
Daniel Craig will be Lord Asriel, the hero. It seems exciting, altho i am christian, i won't take it like that.

I think it is all right if you view it as an art piece, don't get caught up with the controversy.