Sunday, January 21, 2007

FY part two

Previously on the same post, too long so I put it here
I like the bad guys more because of the unbalanced viewpoint presented. The good guys appear sympathetic by their much inferior intelligence and powers. The Seiryuu are experienced war veterans, even the youngest Amiboshi and Suboshi:

For instance, the core of FY is the scheming Nakago but before he dies you get a glimpse into his past. His tribe was destroyed by the emperor of his country, which is why he decided to take over China. He tricked other warring states into conflict, but mainly wanted his country to fall.

Science fiction factor: the time passes by in the book much faster than the readers outside. Following poster of the Seiryuu clan, the Bunch of Aces

There are various entanglements, love triangles, homosexuality themes( if you can spot them), the full scope of magical skills from the usual Professor X kind to the unconventional, like spinning tops and tickling feathers. Extensive use of special poison Kodoku which turns one against his own friendly.
Helpful Info: There are english subtitles and usual editions come out in japanese audio. So you can learn the language in the setting of China. The english comics recently came out. :)))

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