Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Spirited Away-ghouls and cuties

I know this is an old anime, back in year 2000 but I just watched it on channel U. Done by Hiyao Miyazaki. Parents who are greedy consume the offerings at the shring and turn into huge pigs. You don’t want to eat like that after this movie. The girl is adorable and very determined and mature. Her only friend is Haku, translates as Bai Lung in Chinese. A White dragon, kind hearted and handsome! Looks like a girl, u know anime's transexual/gay connotations.

Haku tries to get Chihiro out of the underworld.

It's very funny, people are mostly ballooning individuals or they're awful looking. Controlled overall by this witch. The witch gives her a job in her inn, which mostly involves pouring hot water into baisins for guests. One of them's a faceless ghost who likes Chi and keeps helping her. According to their traditions,a ghost won't enter unless invited. She is horrified at the number of people he has eaten. A mute and kawaii no da boy in black. This ghost just wants a companion and the only way he knows how is to eat pple and produce gold. Isn't that close to our hearts? Some of us use money and deep down, the loneliness can never be replaced.

Faceless ghost

Pic of Haku and Chihiro, he has regained his human self.
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The only way to leave is through Haku and he was trapped in this place because of his forgotten memories. The witch will make you forget your name. Chi becomes more clued to helping him regain them. The most tense part is when she found him in dragon form, collapsed and bleeding. Desiring to upgrade his level, Haku had eaten this plague which is deadly. Although Chi knows she may not get out alive, she agrees to go on a train journey with a ghost train ticket to find the witch's twin on the other side of the world.
A definite 10/10. In a nutshell, a very unusual anime who'll blow your mind away. There's a surprise at the end! Anime isn't just for kids.

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