Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pirates 3

The ending is not a fairy tale ending. If anyone's expecting this. Haha I went to Sun Plaza to watch, and there were almost no people there.

The music was eerie, but coolly eerie. Orlando Bloom performed exceedingly well for this. He has improved from the dumb looking guy from the first. Maturity.
My favorite is Jack sparrow. Depp plays him effortlessly. He went up in a cannon for the whirlpool part! Wow. I liked all his fight scenes.
Depp looks the best in POTC.

Keira's my most favorite woman in the whole thing. She was innocent as Elizabeth, then became more gutsy. She's so cool as a pirate queen, brave, but certainly not unfeeling. When she screamed for her dad and James that was so heartwrenching. She's equally great at fighting. The accent is so perfect too.

I think Jerry Bruckheimer wanted to put this up as a message: life does not go the way you want. But you make the choices and if you win, it's to your credit. Choices!

The myth of Calypso is entertwined and wonderfully incorporated. Not all will understand, I'm glad I did. I'm a fan of mythology, she's the sea goddess. In Odyssey, Charon was the pool and Scylla was the mate. Hmm, but close enough. Calypso is one furious witch!

Swashbuckling action, not cliched pirate movie at all! Woo! Go for it.

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