Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Welcome to my page! Feel free to talk to me, I always try to have responses for everyone.

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Revamped About-myself section

   Ireth Seregon is derived from elvish, meaning ‘Fire princess’. Beginning with fanfiction to change the cliché of tragic heroes dying young, the author has always wanted to merge and come up with new stories. The best combination for life would be Cute male Elves and cats, preferably mages. Other hobbies are rpg games, humour comics and rock music. Feel free to interact with me!

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Anonymous said...

hey its littleblueshadow,

this is an awesome blog so far XD

Anonymous said...

Muyany: I like the background, and there are some different themes, so that's good too =D
10:13 PM it looks calm and cheery too

Anonymous said...

Keep up the writing, you've got talent. Do more show, not tell


Anonymous said...

Albert Girolamo
I can't believe it! I never could imagine fan fiction could produce something so fresh, interesting. I could not stop reading! And I would like to read much much more! Wonderful! (Praise for my fanfic In Alfheim college) http://www.fanfiction.net/r/7234330/