Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Diary of a Hapless house husband

It's in the form of a diary of Sam Holden. It is a fictitious name also for the author himself whose photo is there and took over his wife at home temporarily. Cheered me up, wish for a TRULY happy holiday, not nagging and do-this-do-that. Already can't go anywhere... Why are people so oldfashioned? Time should be made for fun!

Men who think it is easy looking after two kids at home should read this. The children Peter and Daisy are very funny. When Sam scolds them, they talk back. They use vulgarities shit and fuck. See adults, stop criticising coz you can't be an angel totally. One of the most humorous examples is Sam making a timetable to bring the children to playdate and preparing food for them etc. Firmly wanting them to work! In the end it doesn't work! Kids make a mess, fall down... up to mischief. Deciding he has had enough of this life, Sam wants to do a parttime work, fireman! Haha, he's petrified he's got to hang off by one leg from a ladder. He decided on a rash impulse after seeing a drama.

His wife Sally... she's a career woman. Sally is practical but wouldn't betray him. He thinks she is having an affair outside the home, as she is so near a man. Sam hates him, follows the two adulterers doggedly... bribing the cabby and the waiters with lousy money. He's too poor to do that and he's still going ahead! Crazy. Then sent a note to scold the asshole, who went to the gents. His wife felt sorry for him, and told him it was a misunderstanding.

This is why life is dull and when you want peace, it is too much. But you can't take too much thrill and thrall. Watching a horror movie is better than being a parent. Salute! But Parents should be less oldfashioned, it's not easy but how can we co exist if we're constantly reprimanded? Moaning and groaning too, why do people groan so much? Just Be happy!
It will work out in the end

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