Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Golden Compass Review

I've not read Philip Pullman's work at all, but I was not lost in the movie at all. It is a fresh way of telling a fantasy story. The plot just unfolded magicallty, nothing short of that! The sceneries and North pole are so beautiful, it is almost like you have gone there with them too. Lyra, the heroine, is hesitant about her intelligence. She can trick people into doing what she wants to accomplish, yet regrets later. She stood up to a large enemy and managed to come out alive. A young person of such courage is so rare.

I definitely think Dakota Blue Richards looks like the other Dakota too. Yet not as weepy in looks, she carries herself like an honorable child of the prophecy. Reader of the Golden Compass! Cool. I want that kind of skill too!
Most of all the concept of demons being the children's familiars is slightly disturbing to me. They are their spirits and if either the human or the animals is killed, then the person ceases to exist.

Animals are my favorite and I always liked them and think they deserve better. Actually, it is the phrasing that is bad I think. They should have called them their totem animal like the Native Indians. The movie warns of the familiars becoming unstable, morphing into many shapes and sizes. Authorities will bring an end to this morphing. No, the children can't let that happen!
Lyra's ferret changes to a cat and a hawk instantaneously. Very well done.

Part of the reason why I wanted to see it was because of Nicole Kidman. I like her acting. She plays the convincing Mrs Coulter, the villain. Bullying children, yet a sweet and kind woman who adores kids. She's a guardian to Lyra but later, more is made known. Her pet is the only mute one, a golden tamarin. Not since Poison Ivy has she reprised a villainous role. Kidman's charisma and grace is apparent in her dressing and perfect manners. This reminds me of an E! show aout her fashion sense. All dresses complement her. Sexy and fierce.

Relationships are challenged, sides change quickly, nothing is what it appears to be.... I want more. There will be 2 more parts, aww!
I wish they had shown Lyra giving the compass to her father at least before finishing. Lyra and her companions fly towards the horizon to find him. I plan to read the books as I want to see what happens next, hahaha. The subtle knife and the amber spyglass. It brings courage to children.
The animals are cute, wild and powerful. Although they are animations, the polar bears are especially real looking. I heard of a controversy that Pullman is promoting athiesm? Nah I didn't feel that when I saw this, just go for it. It's just like another Narnia.

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