Thursday, May 20, 2010

Avatar themes, part 1

I am just halfway through the disc edition of the movie. So far the plot had much action, but i didn't follow the names of the characters. There was much screaming and violence, not recommended for people with tendencies of fright. I know people who would be afraid and hide at those scenes. The main guy had to go into a sleep mode to become the pandorian person. He was brave enough to overcome the prejudice and distrust of the indigenious tribe.
Part of the movie questioned why humans need to be the alpha race and dominate everything. At first, the theme seemed to be a cliche,like Planet of the Apes or Mars attacks, only for this we were the invaders and destroyers. My favorite movie Hellboy 2 also touched on this theme that humans push the fae out, in a way conquest.

Would continue when I finish watching the whole thing.

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