Sunday, May 23, 2010

the 4th shrek Truly Forever after!

It was the satisfying conclusion, despite poor reviews from newspapers. Fiona was the epitome of feminism in her barbarian woman/leader image! We can do it on our own without guys. But where would her husband be? The main green guy we all loved, must go on a quest to save his own life and restore the insanity wrought by that 

Shrek signed away everything to get freedom bachelorhood. There were pressures to be Fearsome and fatherly together. Most guys would flee.

Others felt the dialogue had lost the original wit and creativity, but my angle would be Shrek forever transformed our perspective by his flaws. Also this finale made a u-turn to the nostalgic part 1 where Fiona was half human half green. Maybe people might feel sorry for that Rumpel shortie?

I hope that as promised there'll be a Puss in boots chapter, dwelling on why he gained weight.
*can't get the picture here, may have copyright issues and it seems guarded. Check out their main site!

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