Saturday, March 24, 2012

About life and Cesar Millan

 My favorite is fantasy with lots of exotic handsome guys.Unless they are cooks, or like animals. My hero was Steve Irwin he was an awesome guy! Now it's Cesar Millan and Jackson Galaxy, true dedicated men. I salute them.

-At the moment I like Salvatore's Legend of Drizzt. 

 Not the new Neverwinter series with Dahlia because the old companions of the hall were much better. I was sorry that they died. Esp when Catti could have lived a couple more years than being captured by a stupid Ghostking!

Agree with most of community on Goodreads, his style has slipped. Doesn't mean i won't read his stuff anymore, i will but not buy them. 

-For James Barclay's raven series, I own Dawnthief the first one. I don't make a bad review personal, i've had the privilege of getting responses on his site :)) which is awesome! He's a humble and sentimental man, when u are immersed in the series, he bases the Raven on his group of friends. One thing i don't agree with is from book 4 onwards, the huge tragedies. That immortality is not wonderful, but a burden. (( See my prev post on why must elves die early? Won't do spoilers. 

Many plots, even an anime movie i watched, called Phoenix Priestess, also centres around that theme.

The heroes/ heroines just Give up on life-- they are emotionally weary, even though now they have friends.  For this heroine she had lived 400 years and she said ok, that's it. It's a parallel to how some of the cast i like in many series end up. :(  I don't accept it! What about us? How can you leave us behind? Huh??
 My rationale on disliking tragedy is, we Should maintain positive outlook on life!

Therefore i watch Top gear and some of these guys above. Some pple insist i should be like them, and must like their stories. No. I would not mind giving a review or two, for free even but not to be forced. There was a soldier won't mention his name, he wanted to extort my friendship for favors. Then he got all huffy when i said i don't like war fiction.

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